May/June A&S Watch Party: Medieval Ladies’ Head-dresses

As part of our Covid-19 response, our Shire had been having A&S themed Watch Parties, hosted via Facebook, Watch2gether, and YouTube, in lieu of our usual hands-on, in-person A&S classes. For May and June, our theme was how to cover your head if you are re-enacting a medieval European lady. Below, you’ll find links to each of the videos selected for our watch party. The Shire does not take responsibility for the contents of these videos, though an effort was made to select videos which would be useful to the medieval re-enactor.

With Just a Piece of Cloth

Video: A Simple Veil

Video : A Simple Turban

Piece of Cloth With Pins

Some Sewing Required

Video : A Short Hood

St. Birgitta Cap- Making and Using

Video : Veil and Whimple anchored on a St. Brigitta cap

More Complex Construction

Video : A French Hood

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